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Lead: Waleed Faisal

Microneedle ArrayPatch (MAP) is a propriety wearable microneedle patch technology designed to nail fungal infection, a disease which infect 1 in 4 people and require a long treatment, with Severe side effects and high recurrent rate. The Market size of is set to $6.2 billion by 2027 and we are targeting 5% share after EU and USA launching. Our project seeks to reduce treatment time and improve patient outcome over standard of care by using a painless ArrayPatch which consists of an array of sharp but painless dissolvable MN that penetrate the skin on application and then dissolve to deliver a local effective dose of medication. IP in nationalization phase, and we are post the proof of concept, with large scale lab based production. The pipeline line of the platform technology include molecules in hormone replacement, NSAID, migraine and skin carcinoma. The product road map start by company establishment in 2023 and get EMA approval and USA license by 2028. We raise 1.3M non diluted fund and asking for 12M in 2 rounds to cover the clinical trials and CMO production. The team is established and ready for the spin out journey.