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Blok Bio

Lead: Simon McDade

Genomic technologies are fuelling a data-driven revolution across the biotech, biopharma, (bio)-medical and life sciences. Analysis and interpretation of exponentially growing datasets is transitioning from a specialised function to a daily task for ALL researchers across these sectors. Talented bioinformaticians are so scarce that end-users are often left waiting for standard data analysis dramatically slowing the research cycle and adding to an ever-growing mountain of under-exploited data. Blokbio is a cloud-genomics spin-out from Queens University Belfast. Our products target an unmet need for click-of-a-button genomic data analysis for users with no specialist bioinformatic training/expertise. Our scalable platform supports migration of complex genomics workflows to reproducible, shareable cloud-workflows as well as reducing need for local computational infrastructure. Through empowering the end-user to carry out analysis and interpretation, we believe our platform has potential to disrupt the established paradigms for analysis of genomic data and help maximise the utility and impact of customers valuable data