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Lead: Aidan Boran

Digital Gait Labs (DGL) is a spin out company from Dublin City University. DGL has created GaitKeeper, a patented technology that allows anyone to conduct clinical frailty and rehab assessments in any location and at any time. GaitKeeper uses a unique blend of AI and AR to transform frailty assessment from an adhoc, reactive process to a preventative, digital one. Using GaitKeeper clinicians are guided through the process to record a video of the frailty or rehab assessment, before our AI cloud service takes over and calculates the relevant assessments scores. GaitKeeper is a CE marked, class 1 medical device and has been validated using the clinical gold standard systems (i.e. Vicon and GaitRite). Today, GaitKeeper is in use in Tallaght University Hospital and National Rehab Hospitals providing digital frailty and rehab assessments. Active, digital monitoring of frailty is known to reduce bed times, ED visits and long term healthcare costs in the over 65 population. DGL is currently raising seed investment to deliver on our vision to make gait assessments as easy as taking a patients temperature.