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Lead: Maria Hayes

A survey carried out by Mars in 2021 found that ingredients specifically for aging pets with health problems like heart disease and inflammation are in demand. 20% of pet owners purchased drugs to treat inflammation and heart issues in 2021 and a survey carried out by Irish Veterinary practices found that the number one issue facing pet owners is inflammation. Drugs to treat these issues are expensive. Our product proposes a solution to this problem in the form of a preventative healthcare treat – a nutritional, tasty pet treat biscuit (PAW product) containing a proven and patented ingredient with anti-inflammatory and blood pressure reducing properties as proven in a clinically relevant animal trial. Additionally, the PAW treat is extremely palatable by dogs and reduces weight gain. The total dog population in Europe is estimated at 87,510,000 (FEDIAF, 2021). The market for PAW products is estimated at 20% of this figure. Potential routes to market include via Vet practices and online sales direct to the consumer via trusted platforms.