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Lead: Sarusha Pillay

Approximately 1,2 million babies die from a lack of oxygen during childbirth each year.

Our device, pHetalSafe, aims to radically improve fetal monitoring during labour for safer childbirth. pHetalSafe offers minimally invasive, real-time and continuous monitoring to (i) eliminate false positive alerts, (ii) detect 100% cases of fetal hypoxia and (iii) promote 100% patient mobility, by measuring key fetal biomarkers to assess intrapartum fetal well being.

Fetal monitoring during labour has not advanced since the 1960’s. Globally each year, inadequate fetal monitoring during labour, leads to: (i) >1 million babies diagnosed with severe neurological disabilities such as cerebral palsy (equates to >€1 billion in cost burden), (ii) >€3 billion spent on emergency c-sections and (iii) >€2,5 billion on litigation settlements annually. pHetalSafe aims to change these by improving fetal and maternal outcomes during labour.