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Lead: Joao Cabral

VoiceTune is a cloud-based Text-to-Speech service that automatically converts text into high-fidelity, expressive speech with emotions. VoiceTune also offers voice tuning capabilities, for customization of the AI voice. Creative Industries are looking for technological solutions to overcome the limitations of voice over recordings. They need VoiceTune because existing AI voice are not expressive and tunable enough for producing their voice assets.

VoiceTune offers unique value proposition: higher-quality, more expressive (52 emotions while competitors offer up to 6 emotions) and more voice tweaking capabilities, such as the age and gender of the AI voice.

We’ve got support from Trinity College Dublin, Enterprise Ireland and the ADAPT research centre. They helped us to be in a great position of having amazing tech to commercialise.

We are currently running a pilot with a large gaming studio and another large gaming studio is signing a license agreement to start a pilot.

They’re interested in using VoiceTune in a game that starts production this year.

We’ve run pilots with other studios, including a global localisation service provider in Gaming.

Our goal is to turn at least two beta customers into paid customers in the last quarter of 2022.

VoiceTune’s funding requirement is €750,000 for a run-way duration of 18 months.

This funding will enable us to build a scalable SaaS service, by covering costs to hire R&D and sales workforce, as well as to extend our portfolio of AI voices in multiple languages (currently we have 2 propriety English AI voices).
VoiceTune intends to be the platform of choice for the creation of synthetic voice for the Entertainment and Media industries. The immediate target market is the Video Game industry in Europe, US and Canada. But our plan is to expand to other geographical markets as well as across markets (including Audiobooks, Animation, and virtual worlds such as the Metaverse) from year 2 onwards.